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Skin Aqua Tone Up UV Essence SPF 50+ PA++++

Sunscreen is gradually becoming indispensable cosmetics for everyone. This is also considered the most simple beauty secret of modern women. So, I will so you a hot product, which was asked a lot on many beauty groups. Skin Aqua is the product of Rohto Japanese company, was introduced as both medium sun protection and can help lift skin tone.


The scent of Skin Aqua is mild like the smell of fragrance of sweet and light flowers but is not too strong. The creamy texture is slightly dense and has a violet-white colour, and when used, it will feel creamy and thin and gradually become watery. Feeling quite cool as spraying water on the skin, massage the skin is moist and absorbent quickly, but still feeling moist skin and create a lustrous skin effect.


Cream soaked very quickly on the skin, very eye-catching, this point is that people with oily skin will like. In terms of lifting tone, this product will lift a little bit, with white people almost never see anything, and dark skin I saw a little light up, not too white. This product to be used as a good makeup foundation because of skin colour correction.